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Building a collective learning platform across different communities.

Programmer in Server Room

Drive your career at the comfort of your home with instructors that speaks your language 

Get trained by highly skilled professionals that understand you and speak your language. Our instructors engages you for you to stay motivated.


We keep you updated and up to speed on latest development in cloud.


Accelerate your database management skills with a personalized hands-on learning at your own pace. 


Learn modern programming language how you want it. Deep dive into Python, Java, Nodejs etc.

Ujima Community

Engage with a large community of professionals to help you keep pace with innovation. 

Learning and moving fast together. We are Ujima
House in Guinea Bissau

Why Ujima?

Collectively, effectively and evenly

We exist for a collective community learning in different languages and diverse culture. Helping our community of over 200 million potential candidates and 75 languages.

We focus on an effective learning experience, letting you learn a modern technology in a language you understand by tutor from your immediate community with global and world class experience while you build your experience at your own pace. 

We Take Pride in Our Potential Numbers


Years of Experience




Potential Candidates 


Countries Worldwide

Our Partners

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